Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cliffs of Moher + Galway

(Note: this post is a bit behind...havent had much time to write.)

On our way to galway, we made a detour to the Cliffs of moher. After driving the corkscrew hilly roads (one portion literally called 'corkscrew road'), we made it there. The weather had turned from rain to bright sun, making it a beautiful clear day to see the sights. The steep cliffs were breathtaking, not to mention the fact that we saw a couple hop the fence and get engaged right in front of our eyes! Erin creepily took pictures from afar, but the couple was thankful to have it captured, and erin took the proposers email so she could send the pictures to him. Cray!

After that we winded ourselves along to galway on some of the wildest roads yet. Erin was exhausted by the time we arrived, due to the long period of concentration needed to navigate the insane path to the city. Fun, nonetheless.

Our hostel here (sleepzone) feels like a hotel with communal bedrooms and ikea-y kitchen. It even has an elevator! :D Everything is clean and organized and modern which is a nice change. After we arrived and settled in, we hit downtown and found the Kings head pub - the galway version. There was a comedy competition that night for 5 euros and you got a free bulmers, so needless to say, we were in.

We went to the kingshead for dinner and got a good cushy booth right next to the stage, cause lets be serious--even a young lady needs some good back support. Erin predicted we would probably be involved in the show, and boy was she spot on: i was made a guest judge of the competition! And also he talked about my boobs a few times, which were not actually showing at all? Not the classiest... I suppose he was lacking material. Anyways, the show was effing hilarious and we had a grand old time. Halfway through the show a couple of other canadians, who were in ireland for the trad music fest in dublin, joined us at our table. We just find eachother, eh?

On our second day in galway we were planning on taking the ferry to the aran islands, so we purchased tickets and set off for the bus stop to take us to the ferry. We arrived at the stop at 10:36 am and were told the only bus for the day trip had left at 10:30. Crap. We left thinking maybe we could try to drive down and make the ferry (hold that ferry!) but it was an hour away, and we didnt want to risk a 2 hour drive for nothing. Feeling a tad dejected and lost, we stopped by tk maxx (basically tj maxx) to drown our sorrows before heading back to the hostel to figure shit out. We decided to set out again with a plan to wander, and in doing so, find the few touristy items along the way. We ended up browsing a few Enable Ireland shops (charity shops) and seeing the Spanish Arch (not actually a huge deal) and the (free) Galway museum, which was a short intro to the city. We had lunch and stopped in a few shops before heading back to sleepzone, where i slept from about 1pm to 4pm, i was told. My throats been bugging me for the last couple days, and im praying that it isnt strep throat because that would involve me going to a doctor and getting medicine (which works amazingly, but i dont really want to deal with). Im trying to take it a bit easier and eat good things to get rid of whatever it is, and also monitor the back of my throat a lot (staring into the mirror with my tongue hanging out). It isnt looking great, but im a pretty positive person, so im not jumping to conclusions yet! Pray for me!

(Note: i am no longer sick, and it wasnt strep. Hallelujah!)


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  1. I hope I finally figure out how to comment on your blog???
    I love and miss you and have been reading all along!