Saturday, January 11, 2014

a lady abroad

i've finally come up with a name for this little travel blog -- an offshoot of my other abandoned blog, ladylikeness. i'll try and update this as often as i can, probably mostly with text and iphone photos. erin and i leave on monday, and all that's left until then is my sister nicole's social, a family dinner, and other last minute odds-and-ends (packing?). now that i've had my last day at work, i'm slowly putting it in the back of my mind in order to make room to focus on my next steps.

i'm really happy to be starting out with one of my best friends in life, which will no doubt prepare me to travel alone for another 8 weeks time. i can't wait to share my stories with everyone, and in doing so, skip the rest of this dreadful (albeit recently mild) winter. follow me! this is where i'll be.


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