Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dublin city day 1

erin and i arrived in dublin (8:30ish am their time, 1:30ish am wpg time) to find moderate weather, lush green, and horses grazing in fields. Having barely slept on the plane, the fresh air felt so nice. We took a 30 minute busride to the area our hostel is in, and asked a cute irish man (most likely on his way to work) for directions. he helped us without hesitation, and even though he hurried on in front of us, he lifted an arm in the direction of our jacobs inn from a few blocks ahead. 

once we checked in and freshened up (changed socks), we grabbed some hot drinks and a bite, then set off towards the first stop for our hop on hop off busabout pass (28 euros)

Erin and i decided to take a round trip (24 stops) on the bus just to get situated and get some background info of the city. And also cause we were cold and tired and tired and tired. The driver was "dad" funny, which was great. Very knowledgable. We stayed on the top of the bus, being swung about on the narrow streets, taking pictures, until we got too cold and went back to the main level. 

We walked around some on and around o'connell street, which is a mishmash of pubs, cell phone stores, sirens-esque clothing shops, buildings "to let" and restaurants mostly. When we were fed up with the cold (and subsequent rain) we got back on the bus and visited:

-trinity college: i skipped the book of kells (9 euros!) but erin may go back to see it. Trinity college is BEAUTIFUL. Holy crap. I would probably trip on the cobblestones constantly if i studied there, but man, it would be worth it.

St patricks cathedral: pretty stained glass windows and chandeliers, tombs, statues and it was so big! More than one chapel inside. 5.50 euros. It wasnt the notre dame cathedral in paris, but still lovely. I really dug the cross stitched-pillowcase type things hanging off the back of each chair in there...pretty cool. Im not really sure of the background for these.

Next we decided to hit up the jameson distillery before heading back to the hostel. No lie, erin and i were having blinknaps on the way, looking over at one another each time we were jerked awake again. Needless to say, we didnt make it today. :)

Tomorrow will be much better planned.. We're planning on hitting up a few stops on our hop on hop off bus, and ive plotted about 7 vintage shops on my map. Also, looking forward to continental breakfast! We missed it today.

Well, it's 6:15 pm and im ready for bed. We're unsure if we should give in or if that would result in us waking up at 2am wide awake. All i know is, the pub crawl in ON tomorrow night. 

Until later.

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  1. i want you to know i "reactivated" just so i could find out if my gals made it there safe and sound!... glad you are doing this!

    bring me back a freckly gingie in search of his canadian citizenship!