Friday, January 17, 2014

Dublin City Day 3!

Our last day in Dublin city was jammed with activity, and my calve muscles were aching to prove it. Damn. 

Erin and i planned on hitting up the National Gallery first thing, but it was closed until 2pm due to a death of a long-term staff member. As we had already travelled to this area, we visited the memorial statue of oscar wilde and a pyramid shaped army memorial that is nearby. Supposedly someone recently cut off oscars head but it was too damn heavy to run away with, so they were able to put er back on. Some people! We then headed to Henry street, a giant shopping district, to look around.

By then the National Gallery was open, so we headed down and checked it out. I liked the portaits, mostly, of which there were very few. It was an art gallery, ya know? 

We figured we may as well make a stop at the National museum since we had some extra time. It was a museum, ya know? One part i found interesting was the historical clothing exhibit, specifically all dem jewels. Old-ass rings, tiaras, broaches, necklaces and earrings? UM YEAH.

From there we hit up the nearby Jameson Distillery tour. This distillery isnt actually in use at this point, as all production goes down in Cork. Nevertheless, the informational tour was interesting and fun! The entrance area houses a gift shop and beautiful bar with a restaurant up top. The glass floor in the bar area allows you to look down into some sort of cavernous part of the original distillery! IMPRESSIVE, y'all. At the end of the tour you can have a Jameson shot or drink and you can also volunteer for a taste test. We had a good larf. 

It was another pubnight for us, as the musical duo from the night before told us to come back to their set the next night. We stopped beforehand at another pub and watched a fantastic performer who had the whole place dancing and singing along. We definitely took part, most feverishly for a killers song ("i got soul but im not a soldier"), then headed to see our new buddies at the next pub.

I decided on the 30 second walk over that i was going to stand outside at the window, a la the smokers and passersby who seemed to distract the musicical duo quite a bit, and give them the same squint face as the night before. It took a few minutes, but it got a huge laugh from the guys, and when we walked in, they yelled "Squintipeg!" Night made. We met another older gentleman (they love us, it seems) who bought us each a pint and gave us his card.. apparently he is a local polititian around these parts. Nice dude. After the last set we got up and tore it up on the dance floor. What a lovely night!

Stay tuned for my post about Cork county, Killarney and Dingle, loves! 

Miss y'all.


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