Friday, January 17, 2014

Dublin City day 2 - a new nickname

Wednesday morning we woke up early to get a head start on the day.

First up:

St stevens green - we visited this park first thing, as we wanted to take a walk through before the rain (which kept springing up in the afternoons). What a pretty lush green space! Birds, including swans, galore. The sun was out at this point, which made for a really pleasant stroll. Erin would like to move here, and then get married in one of the gazebos. Why not, eh?

Kilmainham Gaol tour - this was once a functioning jail that housed political prisoner, criminals, and even children who committed petty crimes. It was super creepy, and totally worth the 5.5 euros. There was so much interesting history about the civil wars and rebellions that occurred in order to separate the republic of ireland from british rule. Seeing the old jail cells with the original graffiti was very sobering and strange. Weirdly has a cute tea room with refreshments and desserts, so we went for tea after the tour to warm up.

George's street arcade- assorted stalls, reminds me a bit if the markets in london
Visited about 8 Vintage shops of temple bar and grafton street.. Not super impressed.. Bought a couple things. Erin and i separated so i could wander, and boy did i wander. i found many shops on the fly. Stopped in at urban outfitters and was v disappointed by their sale rack... Thats my go-to area! Left empty handed.

Modern art museum - cant say much.. Wasnt very impressed, and i consider myself a fan of modern art! Despite being an expansive building, formerly housing the city's mentally ill, the exhibit space was not very large or extensive. I was back in the area of my hostel and decided to check it out, but it was pretty far and i am currently on the ride home composing this entry for you all. Being on the hop on hop off tour bus is useless at a time like this, as most of the route is not lit very well, and oh, they just turned out the lights on the bus too! Hurrah.

The plan was to join up to the pub crawl through our hostel, but instead Erin and I hit up the temple bar area and had a few in the iconic Temple Bar pub. Fun, and great (and cute) musicians! Afterwards, we crawled across the way and hit up another pub by the name of Oliver saint John Fogarty, and had a blast! Drinks were pricey, but watching the hilarious music duo perform was priceless! I was shooting them some fierce evil eyes--mostly on purpose so they would ask us where we're from--and alas, they did! I didnt hear what they said next, but Erin told me they had dubbed me Squintipeg... My best nickname yet. Once the cat was outta the bag, an older man approached us and announced that he too had lived in winnipeg--6 years in st vital. He then invited us to stay with him and his wife at their house 100 kms out of town, to which we politely declined. Winnipeg, eh?

Great night. Stay tuned for dublin day 3, a doozy if i've ever heard one!


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