Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Glasgow and goodbye

We took the train from edinburgh to glasgow on sunday, which didnt take more than an hour. We took our things to our hostel then wandered around the city centre until we met up with erins friend gibbs. He took us to the kelvingrove museum which was pretty massive, and had an organist and choir performing that day. After that we met up with another friend sean, then went to grab a bite and ended up in a game of musical bingo. Fun!

We headed back to the hostel after another pint at a different bar called Sloans, which was established in 1797! Crazy.

The next day we set off on a hop on hop off tour (not nearly as good as the one in Dublin... It seemed like they were trying to make a big deal of things that didnt really seem to be big deals... Sorry Glasgow!). We hopped off at the riverside museum, which won an award last year. Actually pretty sweet... It was all about transportation throughout the ages and had a bunch of interactive displays. We hopped back on the bus and headed to the botanical gardens in the west end. The gardens were beautiful, and im sure they would only be more intense in the spring and summer months. We kept mainly inside to escape the cold, and after a while, ill admit it, i got sorta creeped out! The foilage was stunning of course, but i lost erin for a few minutes and i imagined getting tangled up in all the vines trying to escape. I swear, i was completely sober, y'all.

Next up we checked out a few charity, vintage and antique shops on and around byres road, which were disappointingly full of a lot of secondhand clothes from topshop, river island and oasis. Pretty much the equivalent of our value villages being chock full of Joe fresh and forever 21. Blegh. Hoping for more luck in the future.

Afterwards we stopped in at a quirky restaurant that gibbs recommended to us, that looked like it housed an old library or something: 

It was delicious, and yes, thats a seahorse wearing a tophat. "The gentleman!"

Later that night we grabbed some italian food then headed (next door) to The Scotia bar which has been open since 1792. We had some local Tennants lager and headed back to the hostel.

On tuesday (otherwise known as erins last day) we made a plan. First up the museum of modern art, which was nice but didnt have anything on Edinburghs. Truth. After that it was on to the Necropolis, a giant cemetary on the east side of the city. Breathtaking and very very large. After that was the Glasgow cathedral, also substantial and currently under refurbishment. Also very dark and creepy but insanely beautiful. We checked out the St Mungos museum (patron saint of glasgow) which focused on religious history of the city. 

We then headed back to city centre where we climbed (and elevatored) up to the lighthouse for a pretty nice view of the city. We stopped for a bite, during which it began to rain, and after which we got into the warm and dry shopping centre. Im pretty sure my H & M count is up to 4? In three weeks. ;)

Erin and i are planning on seeing a film tonight, entitled Inside Ilewyn Davis (and eating choccy and chips). Cant wait. Tomorrow im on my own, so i think ill be hitting up some vintage shops ive missed so far. Then off to Berlin to stay with my beautiful friend Isa!

I think my posts are quite boring when im just listing things im doing, but its all i can do at the moment. I feel sorta rushed to get everything out, and the wifi is pretty shitty here. Hopefully continuing on i can explain things better, and in more interesting ways. Hope y'all are enjoying it anyways?

Love Rach

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  1. ahh, i know how that is---to be so tired from traveling that you kind of just want to post fragments of what you've done, rather than coherent sentences. it's hard work! just remembering what you've done is a hassel! ;) and to be honest, i usually post about my travels a month after they've happened, so kudos to you for keeping up! have a good time in berlin! :)

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